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  • Assignmint adds publishing veteran Maer Roshan to its Board of Directors; launches enterprise tools in private beta

    Assignmint adds publishing veteran Maer Roshan to its Board of Directors; launches enterprise tools in private beta

    By Jeff Koyen

    August 16, 2013, Venice, CA – Software company Assignmint LLC today announced the appointment of media veteran Maer Roshan to its Board of Directors. Founded in 2012 by journalist and editor Jeff Koyen (Travel + Leisure, Forbes Traveler, New York Press), Assignmint (www.assignmint.com) provides web-based software that streamlines the editorial process, from pitch to payment. The Board's expansion coincides with the private beta launch of Assignmint's enterprise software for publishers, connecting editorial and accounting departments with their freelancers.[READ MORE]

What They’re Saying

“I’m loving Assignmint thus far and have been using it exclusively for the past three weeks.”
Deborah C., Independent journalist

“Assignmint is making a lot of ripples in the writing and marketing scene… Check it out to see if it can help to change your future freelance journalism writing jobs and record keeping.”
Montana Scribbler

The New York Times
The New York Times
So many freelance writers are being paid for their work that a start-up firm, Assignmint, has found a place as a middleman, helping put the way writers bill clients and are paid for their freelance jobs into the cloud.

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If you are a working freelance writer, you should explore the free service — they already have resources for keeping track of stories, creating invoices or adding up expenses.

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Journalists are notorious for not having their shit together when it comes to anything that requires the exertion of non-reporting-related neurological pathways. For many, the handling of finances, deadlines, and scheduling is exactly what they need help with.

Short of paying for an assistant they can’t afford, a management system that introduces some level of automation into their lives is the best they can hope for.

[Jeff] Koyen is hoping Assignmint will be that tool.

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Tech Tidbits
Tech Tidbits
The functionality Assignmint offers to creatives is a no-brainer: why would you not utilize this tool in your freelance writing business?

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Editor & Publisher
Editor & Publisher
Imagine a digital location where freelance writers can pitch story ideas and editors can manage invoices with just a click of a button.

Startup company Assignmint has made this possible.

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LA Tech Rise
LA Tech Rise
Assignmint could have chosen to provide solutions for writers or editors, but instead decided to stay in the middle…. Central to that solution is fixing the disorganized and outdated methods of hiring and paying freelance writers – or pitching and getting paid, from the writer’s perspective.

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Any of you freelancers out there ever get screwed out of a payment? We know we have. A new site, Assignmint.com, is promising to “fix freelancing.”…

If it can get us paid without having to send 17 invoices, we’re in.

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Digital Journal
Digital Journal
With payments and contracts still an issue for many freelancers, Assignment is aiming for that niche with cost savings for both groups — freelancers and editors… With more than 10 million Americans presently working as 1099 contractors — or freelancers, Assignmint is just now starting to tap the market.

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Fast Company
Fast Company
New startup Assignmint has an ambitious goal: To change freelance journalism as we know it.

The company…helps digitally manage work assignments, editorial calendars, invoices, pitches, expenses, contract information, and payment.

Freelance journalists, meanwhile, will be able to have access to all their outstanding invoice and payment information in one place.

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International Journalists' Network
International Journalists' Network
Koyen, a former editor with both Forbes Traveler and Travel + Leisure, and a freelance travel writer for The New York Times, told IJNet he wants to help the millions of freelance and contract writers who earn billions of dollars in freelance assignments each year but often struggle to manage the business side of their work.

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Chicago Tribune
Chicago Tribune
DEAR JOYCE: After the new school term begins, I want to try writing freelance articles. Any special tips? — G.F.

Look into a time-saving new digital service called Assignmint, which, at this writing, has public beta status. Assignmint tracks freelance work from pitch to paycheck — story proposals, logging assignments and filing invoices…

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